IMPORTANT: This information should not be downloaded using government equipment, read during duty time or sent to others using government equipment, because it suggests action to be taken in support or against legislation. Do not use your government email address or government phone in contacting your Member of Congress.



The House is going to begin voting on the National Defense Authorization Act in the next 24 hours, and we need you to take action now.

A series of amendments is going to be brought to the floor during debate on the bill – some of these amendments will be good for the thousands of civilians working in the Department of Defense. Others will slash the workforce if approved, forcing working men and women out of a job.

Here are the amendments we oppose:

  • The      Jenkins Amendment, which would create a moratorium on insourcing      federal jobs;
  • The      Gosar Amendment, which would provide “freedom from government      competition” and make it easier to outsource jobs to contractors; and
  • The      McKinley Amendment, which would discourage the hiring of civilian      federal workers and encourage more outside contracting.

Here are the amendments we support:

  • The      Kilmer-Cole Amendment would prohibit the furlough of any employee      whose salary is charged to a working capital fund account as long as there      is money left in the working capital fund to pay for workload;
  • The      Peters Amendment would require the Department to conduct a cost      comparison before contracting out work performed by civilian employees who      perform nonappropriated functions just as is already the case with the      rest of the civilian workforce;
  • The      Ross Amendment would stop the Department of Defense from closing      commissaries, which allow military families to purchase basics at more      affordable prices than at other civilian stores; and
  • The      Maloney Amendment would prohibit the privatization of utilities at      West Point.

We need you to email your member of Congress and tell them to oppose the Gosar, Jenkins and McKinley Amendments, and to approve the Kilmer-Cole, Peters, Ross and Maloney Amendments. Click here to write them a letter.

We also need you to call your Representative at 1-888-775-3148 and demand that they oppose any amendment that aims to contract out civilian jobs, or prevent federal workers from performing work for which we are better qualified than a contractor

Together, we can defend our jobs. Thank you for your support.

The US House  will take up the FY 15 DOD Authorization Act the following week of 19 May and 2) AFGE locals members should contact their Congressman by calling 1-888-775-3148

We are now hearing that the Defense Authorization bill is going to be brought to the House floor the week of May 19th.

​AFGE was successful in passing some positive amendments in the committee mark up on Wednesday, but the bill will now be sent to the House floor and further amendments will be offered.

We likely won’t start hearing about the bad amendments until a day or two prior to consideration, but we can’t wait that long to start communicating with lawmakers. For now, when you speak to your Member of Congress or their staff, please ask them to:

  1. Oppose any amendments on a new round of BRAC
  2. Oppose any amendments on downsizing the civilian workforce
  3. Oppose any amendments that cut civilian pay
  4. Oppose any pro-A-76 or anti-insourcing amendments
  5. Support any amendments that protect non-appropriated funded employees from arbitrary contracting out
  6. Support any amendments that protect DoD employees from future furloughs, especially those working capital funded employees
  7. Support any amendments that would require Secretary Hagel to certify compliance with the inventory of service      contracts or explain why he can’t

The House is going to be in recess next week, so you may have an opportunity to see your Member of Congress in person back home​, or at least contact their Congressional Office back home and let them know how you feel about these issues DoD-related issues.


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AFGE Local 1658 was affiliated in 1955 to represent the employees at the Ordnance Tank-Automotive Center in Detroit, Michigan. Today, our local represents over 5,000 workers at the following locations:


  • US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Warren, MI & Selfridge Air National Guard Base, MI
  • Program Executive Office, Integration, Warren, MI
  • Program Executive Office, Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Warren, MI
  • Program Executive Office, Ground Combat Systems, Warren, MI
  • US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center, Warren, MI
  • Army Contracting Command – Warren, Warren, MI
  • US Army Garrison – Detroit Arsenal, Warren, MI & Selfridge Air National Guard Base, MI
  • Network Enterprise Center – Detroit Arsenal, Warren, MI
  • Military Medical Readiness and Occupational Health Center, Warren, MI
  • Defense Commissary Agency, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, MI


Contact us:

  • AFGE Local 1658
  • President Paul Veselenak
  • Detroit Arsenal
  • 6501 E. 11 Mile Road
  • Building 230, Room 136W
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  • (586) 282-6102


The webmaster and communications director can be reached at: afge1658advocate@gmail.com